About Us

The Daily Grind is the smack you in the face, tell you how it is, advice encyclopaedia for young professionals who want to work smarter NOT harder.

This is about 3 young professionals at the early years of their careers who are annoyed as hell that no-one seems to give a BEEP about how the new kids on the block need to grind to get ahead.

Our mission is to change that.

We’ve learnt the tricks of this trade the hard way, suffering the mistakes on route. The Daily Grind is for young professionals, graduates, anyone, who is tired on being a sheep and just wants to get out there and smash it.

It ain’t going to be easy, it’s still a daily grind, but we’re here to offer savvy as hell advice all from personal experience.

The Daily Grind is run by professionals, for professionals putting in that daily grind but doing it smart.


Welcome to the club.Be smart not a sheep.png