What the f@ck is time boxing

Time boxing

Timeboxing is a time management tool but encourages you to focus on time instead of tasks and yeah, it is a type of Pomodoro. Usually I like to use my time management to focus on tasks as it gives me that sense of completion at the end however there are times I timeboxing:

  • Are you a perfectionist? I’m a perfectionist and sometimes I spend way too much time on a piece of work and before I know it, all my time is gone and fucked up my day. To avoid perfectionism and dwelling on a task too much try having a definite cut-off time for a task.
  • Make some big dents on those longwinded projects. Timeboxing

enables you to continuously make progress on these long ass tasks, but it makes sure working on these tasks won’t overrun the rest of your day. If you’re on a graduate or apprenctice use this method weekly to get through your competencies or write ups.

  • Reward your self – you deserve it, right? Have you just completed a piece of work? Or come out of back to back meetings? Use time boxing to give yourself an allocated period of “reward time” take ten minutes to have a little chat, read some news and re-energise before you start your next task.

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