Prioritise Motherf@ckers

1Prioritise your work life & personal life mother fuckers.

t’s simple, you need to prioritise otherwise your running around like a headless chicken not making the best use of your time. This does take a bit of a mental sweat as it requires you to think and evaluate although the level of which you prioritise can vary as it does for me week on week. Sometimes I know I’ve got a busy week coming up so I need to plan & prioritise more intensely which takes a bit longer or when I know I’ve got a more chilled out week, it takes a few minutes to write everything I need to do for the week and prioritise the most important. Both of which use this three step model to prioritise your week or days:

  • This isn’t some regimented do everything down to the minute kind of planning, just know what you have got coming up in your work and personal life and get it on paper or on a app (I use trello).
  • Work out how long each task will take, because how will you know when to do it?
  • Base this on importance but also consider when’s best to do the task (see our “eat the frog” post for tips on this).

This is a simple and easy tip to achieve because it doesn’t take much time to plan your day. This has benefited me in my personal life so I can get the most out of my own time by prioritising when to go to the gym, what meal to cook, smashing the housemin (House admin) and seeing friends.

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