“IT” is wrong


If you have the word “it” in an email you’re doing it wrong? Words like “it”or “they” don’t belong in emails so make sure your text conveys what those words refer to. If not, rewrite the whole fucking sentence so you’re not using “it” or “they”.

Think about it (and I know it depends on your audience but), how do you know the recipient of your email knows what “it” is or means?

Sometimes when I’ve been working on a project for a long time I know a lot about “it” but does my boss who has 1000 other things on their mind know what “it” is? Do they f….. well they might do, but what if they don’t? Think of all the confusion and the added communication you have added and you will feel stupid which all could have been prevented.

This is part of an email I sent out a while back:

 “when we do it at the meeting, it always gets better feedback”

Even I can’t remember what I was talking about.

  • Do what?
  • When?

This doesn’t make much sense.  Try this instead:

“the employee engagement survey always gets better feedback when completed at the monthly team meeting”

This is simple, direct and clear and it is just a quick and easy to write.  Before you send your email scan your emails for “it” and “they” and stop your self looking stupid.

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