How to respond to an angry email from your boss.

006- How to reply to an angry email

We’ve all had them and we will continue to get them throughout our career, you’re nothing special. Getting your first angry email from anyone is not cool but don’t take it personally, this is work. There could be a number of reasons that your boss sent an angry email to you for example, you did something wrong, or something went wrong and directing it at you or most likely, someone shit on them so they shit on you. Being angry is display of power, they are angry, can be angry and can take that shit out on you. Anger is a pretty shit emotion and unfortunately shows they are insecure. Here’s a few key steps on how to respond:

  • Don’t let it emotionally affect you. Getting all spiritual and shit here but you need to keep that under wraps and take control over your own emotions.
  • Avoid reacting straight away and take some time out. I like to grab a cuppa tea, because I’m British although, don’t leave it too long as it could need a fairly quick response.
  • Did you read it correctly? It’s hard to understand the tone in an email so once you’ve had a little break, see if you still read it the same.


When writing up the email:

  • Keep the response brief and simple. Don’t waffle with BS and confuse the situation more, go direct to the point.
  • Be polite as they are still your boss. Rise above and use words like “Can I” and “May I” as this clearly shows you are being calm and collective. Remember, there is no non-verbal communication so the recipient can’t read your body language/tone so it needs to be clear and concise.
  • Don’t be a F@CKING “Tail Tail Twit” and copy in their boss, it’s the equivalent of running away to teacher in school and may cause further conflict. Own it like a boss.
  • Do not be defensive and use phrases like “ I’m sorry you felt that way”, instead direct the anger back to the situation and use a phase like “I’m sorry the situation made you feel this way”.
  • Don’t give an excuse. If it was something you did own up and rectify as its better to be honest and upfront plus, in the long run, you will be respected more.
  • There’s no need to be condescending douche like “Hope you have a nice weekend”. Avoid it! It! Words can either put out the fire or add fuel to the fire so why risk it? keep it to the first point.


There you go, replying to an email like a BOSS.

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