Drink more water

drink more water

Now we’re not here to talk about the health benefits because we should all know that right? We’re here to say, drink more, get more done. When we’re doing our mental sweats at work, just like when we’re at the gym we need to keep hydrated.

Your brain needs water to function, and according to Human Kinetics, even 1% dehydration reduces your productivity of by approximately 12%. You may be able to still complete the task but you will be doing so inefficiently. Drinking more water will:

  • Think Clearer – Dehydration can take its toll on your attention span. Water is the ultimate brain fuel, so make sure you’re getting off your ass to fill up your glass every hour.
  • Improve mood – Dehydration can negatively affect your mood, causing confusion, tension, stress and irritability. Make sure you keep hydrated and keep your moods to minimum because if you’re in a better mood, you get more done, right?
  • Stay energised – Instead of running to the coffee machine when midday weakness and fatigue hits, drink some water instead.

Other than the obvious signs of dehydration such as dry mouth, fatigue and headaches you maybe dehydrated when you’re feeling tired, cranky, angry, or stressed so some water may be the answer sort that mood straight out.

There’s no exact science but the rule of thumb I go to is a glass every hour.

Fuel your brain and get shit done.

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