Clean desk, clean mind.

clean desk clean mind.png

Don’t be a fucking slob and have 2 day old coffee mugs, old receipts or last month’s pay slip on your desk because you need to take pride in your workspace. Heres why:

Increase Productivity – Doing something as simple as keeping your desk clean and tidy can increase productivity significantly, helping to ensure your business moves in the right direction. An untidy desk can easily break your focus and distract you, it gives you an excuse to procrastinate.

Reduce Stress – Have you ever been in a position where your late for a meeting because you can’t find a report due in the next 10 minutes? Invest some time in cleaning and organising your desk.

Reduce printing  – A clean desk will encourage you to use digital versions of documents, significantly reducing your organisation’s costs of paper, ink toner, and printer maintenance but also saving the environment

Make Good Impressions – you could be terrible at organising but why should anyone know? A clean and tidy desk makes you look  organised, efficient and presentable to anyone who decides to visit.

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