Being busy or productive?

Being busy does not mean being poductive

Do not mistake being being busy with being productive

Just because you show up at work every day doesn’t mean you are getting anything done. I can go to work or return emails and go to meetings but these activities don’t lead to accomplishing anything.

Are you a busy bee?

Busy people say yes to everything – Productive people think about the repercussions of saying yes and only take on what will help them accomplish their key goals.

Busy people never finish their to-do list – Productive people pick a few goals a day to achieve.

Busy People Multitask –  Productive people stick to one task at a time. Doing three things at once may make you feel like you’re being super productive but research shows you are actually shit at multitasking.

If you’re fed up of being a busy bee then reflect at the end of the day and ask yourself 2 simple questions;

  1. Did you achieve your goals? How close were you to achieving you goals?
  2. Sort your tomorrow out. Do you have a routine in place to get the absolute most out of tomorrow?

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