5 Shit hot apps

020-5 apps for productivity

  • Trello

This priority management app will make categorising your tasks with ease into manageable parts. I use mine for both my personal to do list and work tasks.

  • Forrest

I have a lot of time for this app. It’s based on the Pomodoro technique but allows you to set a time from 10mins to two hours and within that time it totally cuts you off from your phone. You can’t look at anything unless you want to risk killing your the tree. The aim of the aim is to build a forest and see how productive you are and to top it off, if you get enough points you can donate you points to plant a real tree, if that’s not an incentive I don’t know what is.

  • Coffitivity

White noise has been proven by scientists and shit that that it increases focus. From a café bistro in Paris to a university undertone the back ground noise helps you cut out distractions of your environment. If these noises don’t bloke out the distractions then nothing will.

  • Pocket

You know when you come across a really good article but you’re at work and can’t get distracted now , like that buzzfeed quiz on what food I am? Store it in pocket and save it for later (being productive doesn’t mean you can’t have fun). Pocket allows you to save your articles, have emails sent directly to pocket and allows you to sync across different devices.

  • Evernote

Organise your work and declutter your life is what Evernote is all about. This app allows you to Sync all your documents across your different platforms, especially useful for swapping documents from your work pc to your phone. In the app you can also create notes (even ink notes, which is pretty fun) and like pocket you can book mark web pages.

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