Make time for you.

This runs the risk of being cheesy and cliche, so I’ll do my best to avoid that while still delivering the message.

Go the fuck out for a burger, have a couple of drinks and enjoy your mates company – preferably all at the same time. 

Black Template (4).png

Your time is as important (if not more important!) as getting a slide deck’s format correct for a bid. If you don’t get to see friends, unwind and generally enjoy yourself outside of work, how do you recharge and re-attack your ambitious goals?

I love what I do. It’s what drives me every day. It’s why I want to get ahead and why me  and my friends are here sharing our experience with you. But you’ve still got to make a life outside of work. The best way to do that is be as organised as anything and plan stuff in. Joint and synced calendars are the special source here.

I have a shared calendar on my phone purely dedicated to UK Beer Festivals, regularly updated by the group (the wonders on an Iphone eh?). I’ve another with my partner, where we both write things from work events, to birthdays, to holidays. This saves me tons of time. For one, no constant barrage of What’s App notifications, but more importantly these let me keep up to date and organised with the people and things important to me (with minmal effort). 

Your social life doesn’t even have ot be entirely separate, use your friends to drive you further. Discuss plans and ambitions with them, they might have the answer to your work woe.

Or maybe you just want to play flipcup. Either way. Make the time. It’s you’re responsibility and it will help you come back in the office more motivated, rejuvenated and ready to get where you want to go.

Work Smart Mofo


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