If Sonic worked in an office

Being way too busy sucks.

Having a to-do list longer than your dissertation, that sucks too.

But, here we are, grinding like hell, hoping to get ahead and get noticed, which is basically long hand for saying “I have so much F-ing work!” – Time to change gear.

Image result for sonic

You’ve two options. Quit taking more work on (good luck with that one…) OR learn to get faster and increase your speed. Here’s some tips on the latter – 

  1. 80/20 – I’m not saying don’t dot the Is and cross the Ts, but what I am saying is, did you need to try 14 different hues of teal to add comments to that email? Trust me, any colour will work (but always do it in Green.)
  2. Do it again – If the slide format, or document order, or whatever, worked last time, save the template and reuse it. Great design, is great design, whether new or reused.
  3. Plan – Plan meetings to the letter. Have marked objectives and a time-boxed schedule – Don’t rush things, but remember Rule 1.  And always make sure you leave with written plans.
  4. Conference-Answer-your-Mails-Calls – Get stuff done while the monthly update calls that really have no relevance to you, but for some reason (your lazy boss), you still have to join.

You can artificially increase your speed in tons of ways, these are just a few of our favourites, so crack on and smash that to do list!

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