Batch stuff together

Today we discuss being efficient as f@ck.

Batch Similar tasks together_preview.png

When you serve up dinner you put your greens (we should all be eating green veg, but that’s a different post.) on all the plates, then move onto the mash, then the sausages.

What you don’t do is pick up the pan, do your peas for one, put it down, do mash for one, put it down.. etc! That’s pure dumbness and it gives me shudders thinking about it. So why would your daily grind be different?

Let’s talk being fucking efficient here folks. Batch the similar tasks together and knock them down like dominos.

Case Study – I look down my ‘To Do’ list and see I’ve 3 reports to write, all around the team’s ‘capacity’ (yes I’m rolling my eyes too), here’s what I do:

  1. Review my capacity sheet, make sure I’m accurate and have all the facts.
  2. Then open the 3 reports and input the team capacity into each report.
  3. BOOM – dominos knocked and 3 capacity related tasks crossed the hell off.

Imagine another scene –

You have four update emails to write out. Efficiency says while you’re in that mind-set and have the details at your finger tips (Ctrl+V mofo), you should do all four, there and then, not spread them out.

Don’t follow dumbness. Batch similar tasks and “take them down like a domino”, as Jessie would say.

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