Graduate advice

When it’s boss, it’s boss.

Sometimes you see a slide-deck, report or whatever and it’s just “THE SHIT” (capitals necessary). You simply look at it and you know, you know they fucking nailed it and your piece now looks like a Peugeot.

Peugeot Driver

Happens all the time – We work with bright people and well (news flash) bright people are good at doing sweet as hell stuff. But there’s a diamond in this ruff of a memory I’m making you dredge up. A parable if you will.

Whenever I see a fantastic piece of work I might sag, but I certainly don’t wilt.Graduate Advice Instead, I save that doc, scrub it (removing any confidential data – i.e. CSI-proof that bad boy) and re-produce that gem somewhere else, impressing another client with another freaking, sweet as hell, piece of work.

This isn’t stealing, you don’t have to feel bad, this is working smart. PowerPoint is full of templates for us to use, hell your company probably produces brand-compliant templates for each scenario. This is merely a tailored version. Obviously, if dues are due, give them! don’t claim the format as your own when your buddy Rachel (AKA The Author) is sat opposite you. But the merit on even having the foresight to save and reuse a template from 3 months ago is genius and will be well respected. Rachel will probably even appreciate even as you re-show how great some of her work is. – Great job Rachel!!

If something is a good piece of work, there’s no point it only being used once. That’s like buying a renown art piece and then putting it in a personal collection – it’s unfair on everyone else!

Hold up, there’s more benefits here.

Improving yourself – Increasing exposure to excellent, creative, client-loved work, will improve your own capabilities. You’ll likely tweak the design, make it more relevant, giving it your stamp and gradually, you’ll be the one producing the brilliant ‘to-be’ templates.

In the back pocket – Sometimes you’ll want to produce your own work from scratch, but at times when you want to be credible and deliver brilliant deliverables but also want to go for a beer, proven templates are an excellent asset to have at the ready to speed you up.

Sharing is caring – If the template is good enough for you to save, then it’s good enough to share on your intranet, or with your other buddy, Philip (crediting Rachel of course!). Then everyone can reuse it. This will increase your internal visibility as someone who’s smart, collaborative and diligent and respectful of your company’s goal of doing great work for their clients – basically a Performance Review gold star.

Keep in mind, what we’re recommending here is you create a bank of usable templates to help improve the quality of your own work. You still have to do that solid AF analysis yourself, otherwise you’ve just got a pretty picture…


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