Welcome to the club

The Daily Grind – Your early career help and guidance.

Our cuppa tea is straight out of University/collage in a career to senior level. We believe the world only cares about guidance for the senior level management but that is about to change. We are here for the ambitious young guns, but you never know, maybe you old timers will learn something new (and you’ve found us, so that’s a good start, this is called a blog).

When you come into work there all kind of pressures and it can be emotionally and mentally challenging. We are here to guide your through the troubles of the corporate world, cut the B.S and create opportunity. It’s not fucking easy, work is hard and not just work but also life around work and the transition into work. We are here to give you direction, support and make you work smarter not harder.

First of all I want to talk about Life. Life’s a big fat bitch, add work in the mix and It’s going to hit you right in the smacker. University are the best years of your life blah blah blah. It’s a chapter in your life, a stepping stone, it opens the door to opportunities far and wide, unless you did history of art but let’s not go there. You have to move on and embrace that new chapter in your life, the C word, Career.  It takes time to adjust, you will go through a multitude of emotions during your first few years in working life, “ is this job right for me”, “I should take a gap yar” The grass is always greener and everyone will be doing better, hold tight, put our theory into place which is based on real life experience of everyone in the same position as you.
Don’t me a fucking sheep.  A third of your day is spent working so you may as well try, you may as well be efficient as possible. When you go on holiday do you make the most of it or sit inside all day on your phone? When you go to gym do you sit in the changing room longer than you are in the gym? No, you don’t, If you do then this isn’t for you pal. This blog is for the go-getters, the new age who want to raise the fucking game. We’re cutting the corporate, political bullshit and putting things straight. Working can be fucking bullshit but it doesn’t have to be all the time.

Shake the dam tree. The daily grind is run by professionals for professionals, no matter who you are where you come from,  and if you want to progress, you want to be more efficient, you want to change the world, you want to lead then put the daily grind in and work smart  ambitious grinders…. Maybe not the nick name we want, lets just stick with fuckers.

Welcome to the club.cropped-daily-grind-v22.png

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