When one of you colleagues is doing good for charity

When one of you colleagues is doing good for charity.

Yup, Yeah, I know. People doing charity work is good, donating to charity is good, I’m not trying to say it isn’t.

You’re not the only one rolling your eyes when another one of those emails comes in. But you shouldn’t, right there is a way to enhance your career. Be a bit clever and BAM – It’s win fucking win for everyone.

Every week there’s a new round bloody robin asking for more of my cash, fair dos to them, charity work is great and it’s great that so many are doing it. But, do you really need to give £5 to every little fucker asking? Do you need to give Susan from accounting, who you’ve never met, a fiver? Yes, it’s nice, it’s for charity, but it’s not going to get you anywhere…

Be selective, on who you give your donation to and more importantly, give an amount someone will give a shit about. Trust me a fiver won’t cut it – at best you’ll get on that generic “thanks for all your donations, here’s a picture of me doing the thing you sponsored me to do” email… bit shit isn’t it? Give £15 or £20 and you’ll get noticed and actually mean something to the person.

Listen, I’m not saying buy your way to contacts. Nu-uh! Can’t just give the big boss on floor 2 £20, that’s just creepy. Save your pennies, and sponsor the ones who you’ve met. Maybe it’s someone you have spoken to, worked with, or even a solid chat in the kitchen but never someone you’ve never met.

Let me give you a scenario.

So, I was doing work experience before I started this job (at the same company). There was a good Manger of the team I was in. It was only work experience and he was doing some triathlon thing and I gave him £15 (plus gift aid I was giving like 18 quid!). Every other cheap fucker was giving £5 but I wanted to stand out and I did. The manager came to thank me personally. £5 wouldn’t have got that would it? Now he’s in a senior position and guess you gets the good shit? Yes me. I got offer to lead a high-profile side project for the Graduates (my team) which is going straight to the board.

I’m not saying that giving this money will instantly get you promoted, or that money buys success, but I am saying I didn’t give Susan a fiver and I built a bridge because of it. This is an easy and quick and effective way to build a network.


Like I said, win fucking win.

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